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Category:Engineering Plastics


LCP Liquid



Vectra E130i

30% GF     Excellent flow, high temperature capability

Vectra E135i

35% GF     Higher weldline strength

Vectra E471i

35% GF+MD  Low warp with excellent properties

Vectra E463i

40% GF+MD  Exellent flow, low warpage, high heat resistance.

Vectra E488i

43% GF+MD  Ultra low warp

Vectra FIT70

35% GF+MD  Excellent flowability, low warpage, excellent surface appearance,
excellent dimensional stability, and good weldline strength.

Vectra FIT72

35% GF+MD  Ultrahigh flowability, low warpage, and good mechanical property

Vectra FIT30

43% GF+MD  Glass and mineral filled grade, high flow and low warpage

Vectra S135

35% GF     Ultra High Heat Resistance

Vectra S471

35% GF+MD  High temperature glass-fiber/mineral grade for fine pitch applications.

Vectra S475

32% GF+MD  Super High Flow, High heat Resistance and Low Wrap for Thin Parts

Zenite 5115L

15% GF      Lubricated  Low Dk

Zenite 5130L

30% GF      Lubricated

Zenite 5145L

45% GF      Lubricated

Zenite 5244L

40% GF+MD   

Zenite 55201

50% GF      Lubricated

Zenite 55205

40% GF+MD   High dielectric constant

Zenite 6130L

30% GF      Well suited for use in the automotive, electrical/electronic,
telecommunications, and aerospace industries.

Zenite 6130LX

30% GF      Lubricated, improved weldline strength

Zenite 7130

30% GF      Excellent toughness

Zenite 7145L

45% GF      Lubricated

Zenite 7244

40% GF+MD

Zenite 7755

55% GF+MD    




Hostaform C9021

General purpose injection molding grade

Hostaform C13021

Injection molding grade with moderate flow

Hostaform C27021

Injection molding grade with high flow

Hostaform C36021

High flow, unfilled, for fast cycle & thin walls

Hostaform C52021

Injection molding grade with extremely high flow

Hostaform S9363

Impact modified, improved modulus and weld line

Hostaform S9364

High performance impact modified

Celcon M90

General purpose, good optimization of properties

Celcon M140

General purpose, improved flow

Celcon M270

General purpose, high flow, fast cycling

Celcon LW90

Low wear, high speed, low load

Celcon M25

Imroved toughness, low flow

Celcon GC10

10% glass fiber, has been replaced with Hostaform® C 9021 GV1/10

Celcon GC20

20% glass fiber, has been replaced with Hostaform® C 9021 GV1/20




Fortron 1130 L4

30% GF

Fortron 1140 L4

40% GF

Fortron 1140 L6

40% GF

Fortron 4184 L4

53% GF+MD  High strength, V-0

Fortron 4184 L6

% GF+MD  High strength, easy flow, V-0

Fortron 6165 A4

65% GF+MD 

Fortron 6165 A6

65% GF+MD  Easy flow, V-0

Fortron ICE 506L

40% GF+MD  Fast crystallizing, easy flow

Fortron ICE 716A

65% GF+MD  Fast Crystallizing

Celstran PPS-GF30-01

30% Long GF

Celstran PPS-GF40-01

40% long strand fiber glass . UL-V0 flame retardant.

Celstran PPS-GF50-01

50% long strand fiber glass . UL-V0 flame retardant.

Celstran PPS-CF30-01

30% CF (Carbon Fiber)

Celstran PPS-CF40-01

40% CF (Carbon Fiber)




Celanex 2500

HB  0% GF

Celanex 3100-2

HB  7.5% GF

Celanex 3200-2

HB  15 % GF

Celanex 3300

HB  20 % GF

Celanex 3300-2

HB  30 % GF

Celanex 3216

V0  0% GF

Celanex 3216

V0 15 % GF

Celanex 3316

V0 30 % GF

Celanex XFR 4840

HF  V0  0%  GF

Celanex XFR 6842 GF15

HF  V0  15% GF

Celanex XFR 6842 GF30

HF  V0  30% GF




Riteflex 425

Shore D:25

Riteflex 435

Shore D:35

Riteflex 440

Shore D:40

Riteflex 447

Shore D:47

Riteflex 640A

Shore D:40

Riteflex 655

Shore D:55

Riteflex 663

Shore D:63

Riteflex 672

Shore D:72

Riteflex 677

Shore D:77

Riteflex XFR 440

Shore D:40  HF V0

Riteflex XFR 655

Shore D:65  HF V0

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