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Hwa Shyang international was founded in 1979, which is a leading global engineering material distributor, importer and exporter with a comprehensive portfolio of services. We provide quality products, timeliness inventory, value-added services, total solutions and personal relationship solutions. We continue to adopt new technologies over time to expand our business fields and develop high-performance products. These product lines have been organized into four business segments: Engineering plastics, Synthetic resin, Functional films, and other electronics material. We work with established manufacturers around the world on exclusive and long term agreements, thus we are able to provide high-quality and reliable service to our customers across Asia and overseas. We have cooperated with Shinkong, Solutia, Chimei, Formosa, BASF, Teijin, TOYOINK, LOFO, Toray, DIC etc. Materials range from powders, resins, chips, films, sheets to liquids, and other supplementary chemicals.

Since 1979, we have developed a strict system of internal management controls, which, with our professional services and advices, has allowed us to maintain a rapid growth. Our efficient management team has gathered a team of goal-oriented and dedicated professionals that have helped the company build up a strong foundation for growth.

Core buiness units

Engineering plastic:

Fictional film:
PET、PC、TAC、PVA、PI,  varies PET protection films , release films, Tapes

Synthetic resin & Adhesive
Polyester, Polyurethane, acrylic resin, Solvents, UV curing coating, and other addictives. Hwa Shyang has obtained the license of operation in hazardous chemicals and Precursor chemicals

Electronics materials:
Flat panel display (LCM, Polarizer, Various Touch Panel(G/G、G/F、OGS、In-Cell、On-Cell)、LED, Solar panel, ESM, etc.
Our aim is to continuously supply a broader range of products. Also, we are not bonded by a proprietary product alone, which means customers can rest assured and the service they need on time. Most of products what we offer are specialties and highly technical or difficult to secure products. We will work with you to solve your problems whether they are technical, logistical or sourcing based.
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